About Us

Lutmer Farms, LLC

The story of Lutmer Farms, LLC is a testament of hardwork and determination. 

After graduating from Lebanon High School in 1998, Mike and Chris attended The Ohio State University. They both majored in Agriculture and earned a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture and Construction Systems Management. While attending college in Columbus, the Lutmer boys were able to work enough to pay for their entire education and graduate with zero student loan debt, an impressive and amazing accomplishment! 

After graduating college, with the help and support of their family, Mike and Chris started Lutmer Farms, LLC. Since 2005, they have grown Lutmer Farms, LLC into the successful business it is today. 

Chris Lutmer

President, Lutmer Farms, LLC

As a lifelong resident of Lebanon, Ohio, Chris Lutmer always knew he wanted to be a farmer. A graduate of The Ohio State University with a Bachelor's degree in Agriculture, Chris and his twin brother Mike, started Lutmer Farms, LLC in 2005. 

Chris Lutmer been a past board member of the Warren County Farm Bureau, Warren County Agriculture Society, Warren County Farm Service Agency, and 4-H Camp Graham. Chris is dedicated to promoting the future of farming with our youth. He currently resides in Lebanon, Ohio with his wife, Mary Jo and their two dogs (Chip and Fritz), four barn cats (Tatsu, Momma Kitty, Fuzzy, and Spaz), 120 chickens, and a horse (Rhinestone). 

Mary Jo and Chris are expecting their first child in April 2017. 

Mike Lutmer

Vice-President, Lutmer Farms, LLC

The oldest of the twins, Mike Lutmer was born and raised in Lebanon, Ohio. Growing up in a farming family, he was destined to be a farmer. A graduate of The Ohio State University, Mike, along with his brother Chris, started Lutmer Farms, LLC in 2005. 

Mike Lutmer was a previous member of Lebanon City School Board. He currently sits on an advisory board to Warren County Farm Credit. He resides in Lebanon, Ohio. 

Chip Lutmer and Fritz Lutmer

Now it is time to meet the hardest workers at Lutmer Farms, LLC. Chip and Fritz! 

Chip is an Australian Shepherd born and raised in the Buckeye State. He was bred by Householder Aussies in Hammondsville, Ohio. Born on May 5, 2014, Chip loves his Daddy, Chris Lutmer. He also likes to take rides in the semis and combine during harvest. He has many nicknames around the farm but the one that sticks is Chiparoo, because he jumps around like a kangaroo. 

Fritz is an Australian Cattle Dog or Red Heeler, from Blue Yonder Kennels in Jonesborough, Tennessee. Born on May 9, 2014, Fritz is more of a Momma's boy and can be found following Mary Jo around the farm. Fritzie, as he is nicknamed, loves to bark at the fire engines when they leave the Turtlecreek Twp fire station at the bottom of the hill, and he LOVES to dig. 

Life wouldn't be the same at Lutmer Farms without our Chiparoo and Fritzie!


2001 - 2015

Forever in our hearts

Odie is a 14 year old Jack Russell Terrier. He was born and raised in the Buckeye State. He was bred by Rebecca Knollman of Knollman Dressage and has lived a great life these last 14 years. He loves to harass the puppies. Despite Chip and Fritz being double his size, they cower whenever Odie barks at them. He was diagnosed the summer of 2014 with cancer. But, with the help of Dr. Jason at Lebanon Small Animal Clinic, and with the annoyance of Chip and Fritz, Odie was with us a little while longer than the Doctors had estimated. 

1140 Oregonia Road

In February 2014, Lutmer Farms, LLC moved to 1140 Oregonia Road. Many in the community know this farm as Doc Bowman's old homestead. Often times, questions are asked about the renovations of the home or what we plan on doing with the property. We will keep you up to date on the renovations and plans for the property through our blog postings. 

The house is being renovated and will slowly but surely be back in it's prime. Mary Jo and Chris live in the house with their three dogs. 

Doc Bowman's old vet office is the new headquarters for Lutmer Farms, LLC.